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Welcome to Year Four!

With Mr Bailey and Mrs Pratt


Our Energy and Coasts

This half term, we are discovering all about 'Our Energy' and whether it is renewable or nonrenewable. We will be learning about the differences between sources of energy and the impact fossil fuels have on our fragile planet. We will consider the important role that we have on Climate Change and why we should 'Reuse, Recycle and Reduce'.  We will also be exploring 'Coasts' and understand more about  erosion, deposition, headlands, coastlines, sea defences and the wildlife life that lives on the 'edge'! We will find out about  Water Aid and the positive contribution we can make to change people lives. Enjoy!

Learning fabulous facts about Water Aid!

Important Days


Homework diaries checked
Reading books changed (if necessary)


Deadline for completing previous Friday's homework                                                                         P.E


Library books changed                                                    P.E


Reading books changed (if necessary)
Homework set                                                      Spelling test