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 Year 6 Librarians 

I love reading because it makes my imagination seem like reality.



I love reading because you get deep into the book and it's like you're there with all the different characters, princesses to dragons.


I love to read as it makes me happy and it brings me into another world.


I love reading because I get lost in another world that's full of imagination and adventures.


I love reading because it can take you anywhere, anyplace and anytime.


I love to read because books take you on magical journeys from fantasy to space.  I feel as if I am actually there inside the book. I learn new words and always when I close the book wonder what will happen next.


My name is Summer and I love to read. I like to read.  I like being a librarian because I like to respect the library and tidy up.  I am glad to be a librarian.


I love reading because I get taken into another world and I feel that I am part of the story.