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Documents & Policies

Statutory Policies (Reviewed and Published by the BWCAT)

Accepting Gifts and Hospitality

Accessibility Plan

Anti Fraud, Corruption and Bribery

Complaints Policy

Complaints procedure. If you have any worries or concerns your first port of call is your child's class teacher. If issues cannot be ironed out at this level we would ask you to see the Headteacher. If your complaint is not resolved or is against the Headteacher then you should download the complaints procedure and your complaint will be dealt with by the governing body.

Equality and Diversity

Governors Expenses

Grievance Procedure

Health and Safety

Statutory Policies (Reviewed and Published by the Academy Council)

Admissions September 2018

Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy - Children's version

Behaviour Policy written by the children as part of Investor in Pupils

Behaviour Policy Covid-19 2020

Behaviour Policy for Children Covid-19 2020 Addendum (KS1)

Behaviour Policy for Children Covid-19 2020 Addendum (KS2)

Charging & Remissions Policy

Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum

SEN Policy

Academy Council Policies (Reviewed and Published by the Academy Council)

Anti Bullying Policy 2019

Children's version of the anti-bullying Policy

Anti - bullying Policy written by the children

Drug Education and Managing Drug Related Incidents

E-Safety Policy

(For consultation - parental feedback welcomed)

Managing Medicines in School Policy

Maths Calculation Policy

This policy will help you understand what your children are learning in maths

Mobile Phone Usage in School for Pupils Policy

No Smoking Policy

No Smoking Policy - Child Friendly Version

PSHE Policy

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

Teaching and Learning Policy

Record Management Policy

CCTV Policy

RE & Catholic Life of the School Policies

RE Policy

Catholic Education in Relationship and Sex Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Other Useful Documentation

Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

Bereavement Policy

Bereavement Appendix

E-Internet Rules KS2

Food Policy

Food Policy - Child friendly version

Internet rules for children in Key Stage 2

Exceptional Leave Application Form

Healthy Schools Re-assessment Letter

Home School Agreement  

Home /School Agreement that we expect each family to adhere to. You are the the first and most important educator of your child and your support is vital if your child is going to reach his or her full potential.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Marking Notation for Foundation and Key Stage 1

A Parent's Guide to our Marking & Feedback to Children - Foundation and Key Stage 1

Marking Notation for Key Stage 2

A Parent's Guide to our Marking & Feedback to Children - Key Stage 2

MindMate Champions Letter

PE Policy

PE Policy - Child friendly version

Physical Activity Policy

Physical Activity Policy - Child friendly version

'Prevent' Strategy

Privacy Notice - Pupils and Families

Privacy Notice - Children's Version

Ss. Peter and Paul School SEND Offer

Information for parents with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Coronavirus Privacy Notice