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Statement of Intent for Science at Ss. Peter and Paul's school

At Ss. Peter and Paul’s Catholic primary school it is our intent that children develop enquiring minds through the subject of Science. They will secure good knowledge and understanding of the specific disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology.   Through independent hands-on learning children will grow in confidence to ask and answer open-ended questions to  find things out for themselves through scientific enquiry where they are actively involved in their own learning. We want children to be fully equipped not only for the next stage in their education but in their future careers in an ever-changing Scientific and technological world.

                                Scientist of the month

                      Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman is a chemist. She is the first British astronaut and the first woman to visit the Mir Space station in May 1991. She was just 27 when she went on her mission. Helen had to train for 18 months before she was ready to go to space. Find out more about Helen Sharman by visiting               https://easyscienceforkids.com/helen-sharman


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Ss. Peter and Paul's vision for Science

Discover what Mr Vertigans found out about fireworks by reading below: