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School Council 

Year 6 Harry and Summer

Year 5 Calum and Gracie P

Year 4 Aaron and Gabriella

Year 3 Rowan and Lucy

Year 2 Alfie and Tara

Year 1 Rocco and Isla

Investors In Pupils

Year 6 Gene and Lola

Year 5 Oscar and Lily

Year 4 Louie and Lily - Rose

Year 3 Jake and Alice

Year 2 Ben and Kaitlyn

.Year 1 Sam and Ciara

Food Ambassadors

Year 6 Lewis and Amelia

Year 5 Jack and Leona

Year 4 Sam and Sosi

Year 3 Billy and Erinn

Year 2 Kevin and Aimee

Year 1 Felix and Elsie