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Times Table Champion

X Table Champions Programme

Quick recall of multiplication and division facts is crucial to the children’s learning and progress in mathematics.

All children in Key Stage 2 take part in the school times table programme. They will have weekly tests (usually on Thurdsays) and try to beat their time and number of correct answers.

All children start on the 2 times table. Once they can answer all 24 multiplication and division facts correctly (in less than 1 minute 35 seconds), then they will move on to the 5 and 10 times table.

To become a times table champion, the children will need to work through their times tables (up to the 12 times table) passing the required time for each set. They will then move on to the Hot 132! There are two of these! In this test, they will have to answer all 132 multiplication and division facts, comprising facts from all the times tables. Once completed, they will then receive a times table champion certificate and times table champion pencil!

Children will regularly practise their times tables during daily maths lessons and other times. You can support your child by asking out of sequence facts to help them improve their speed of recall. If your child has access to a computer at home, they can use the school maths games on the website (Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary - Maths Games (sspeterandpaulyeadon.co.uk) and their subscription to times table rockstars (we will send out reminders for your children’s login details shortly), to further support them with this.

Below are the qualifying times for each test.

2s – 24/24 in less than 1m 35s

5s and 10s – 48/48 in less than 3m 30s

3s and 6s – 48/48 in less than 3m 30s

4s and 8s – 48/48 in less than 3m 30s

7s – 24/24 in less than 1m 35s

9s – 24/24 in less than 1m 35s

11s and 12s – 48/48 in less than 3m 30s

Hot 132 – 132/132 in less than 6m 30s

Times Table Champion Roll of Honour – 2023/2024

  • Eamonn L (Y6)
  • Joshua W (Y6)
  • Luca M (Y6)
  • Nell P (Y6)
  • Erin S (Y6)
  • Faye P (Y6)
  • Eva D-P (Y6)
  • Alice M (Y5)
  • Hannah C (Y5)
  • Hayden B (Y5)
  • Toby P (Y5)
  • Norah T (Y4)
  • Freddie N (Y4)
  • Elliott C (Y4)
  • Joshua L (Y4)
  • Yakub P-H (Y6)
  • Jessica L (Y6)
  • Halle W-M (Y6)
  • Joseph F (Y6)
  • James S (Y5)
  • Danny B (Y5)
  • Isabella H (Y5)
  • Charles H (Y5)
  • Seb G (Y5)
  • Leonardo G (Y6)
  • Daniel W (Y6)
  • Olivia Si (Y6)
  • Millie W (Y6)
  • Niamh C (Y6)
  • Taylor R (Y6)
  • Oliver G (Y4)
  • Ivy T-S (Y6)
  • Joseph D (Y5)
  • Eliza S (Y5)
  • Joseph H (Y4)
  • Frankie O'B (Y4)
  • William P (Y4)
  • William R (Y4)
  • Mikey M (Y4)
  • Isabella P (Y4)
  • Jessica S (Y4)
  • Ellara A (Y4)
  • Noel K (Y5)
  • Elsie M (Y6)
  • Max W (Y6)
  • Daniel H (Y6)
  • Taya H (Y6)
  • Amelia C (Y6)
  • Olivia Sc (Y6)
  • Molly B (Y5)
  • Alexander B (Y5)
  • Joseph D (Y5)
  • Amelie R (Y5)
  • Esabella G (Y5)
  • Oliver B (Y5)
  • Izzy D (Y4)
  • Byron B (Y4)
  • Ted M (Y4)
  • Olivia T (Y4)
  • Ava C (Y4)
  • Ella S (Y4)
  • Oliver G (Y4)
  • Hughie A (Y4)
  • Teegan H (Y5)
  • Kobe A (Y3)
  • Emilia W (Y4)
  • Zach C (Y3)
  • Charlotte H (Y3)
  • George C (Y3)

Times Table Champion Roll of Honour – 2022/2023

  • Eamonn L (Y5)
  • Struan Y (Y6)
  • Alice I (Y6)
  • Dougie D (Y6)
  • Luca R (Y6)
  • Yakub P (Y5)
  • Imogen P (Y6)
  • Freddie G (Y6)
  • Eva D-P (Y5)
  • Daniel P (Y6)
  • Ethan S (Y6)
  • Faye P (Y5)
  • Hannah C (Y4)
  • Olivia Si (Y5)
  • Leonardo (Y5)
  • Erin S (Y5)
  • Isla M (Y6)
  • James C (Y6)
  • Jacob M (Y6)
  • Jessica D (Y6)
  • Joseph F (Y5)
  • Nell P (Y5)
  • Luca M (Y5)
  • Emma B (Y6)
  • Hayden B (Y4)
  • Rosa B (Y6)
  • Lucia S (Y6)
  • Joshua W (Y5)
  • Oliver B (Y4)
  • Toby P (Y4)
  • Annabelle S (Y6)
  • Iris B (Y6)
  • Taylor R (Y5)
  • James S (Y4)
  • Charles H (Y4)
  • Amelie C (Y5)
  • Elliott C (Y3)
  • Jessica L (Y5)
  • Theo C (Y6)
  • Beth S (Y6)
  • Esme B (Y6)
  • Jessica H (Y6)
  • Teegan H (Y4)
  • Daniel B (Y4)
  • Isabella H (Y4)
  • Seb G (Y4)
  • Louis M (Y6)
  • Noel K (Y4)
  • Freddie N (Y3)
  • Poppy B (Y6)
  • Chloe W (Y6)
  • Darcey R (Y6)
  • Millie W (Y5)
  • Joshua L (Y3)
  • Eliza S (Y4)