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SS Peter's & Paul Catholic Primary School

Part of The Bishop Wheeler Catholic Academy Trust
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Our Intentions for Maths

At Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, we promote a ‘can do’ attitude in mathematics through enjoyable, engaging and enthusing lessons. We want to develop our children into confident and competent mathematicians who have a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. We understand the importance of mathematics in real life and provide children with many opportunities to apply their mathematical learning to a variety of contexts.

We intend to develop in all pupils:

  • A positive attitude to mathematics as an interesting and valuable subject;
  • An understanding of mathematics through a process of enquiry, reasoning and problem solving;
  • A range of learning strategies: working both cooperatively, collaboratively and independently
  • Confidence in mathematics where children can express ideas fluently and talk about the subject using mathematical language; and
  • An understanding of the importance of mathematics in everyday life.
  • Resilient learners with Growth Mindsets and a ‘We Can’ attitude to Mathematics, whatever their previous level of attainment.

Maths is a subject with a lot of specific vocabulary. Click here to find an illustrated Maths Dictionary

Our Maths Vision Statement

 Progression in Maths


Our Calculation Policy